Lynnhaven Oyster Company originated in the spring of 2004. It was founded by Cliff Love and Hap Chalmers who were passionate about bringing back the once world famous Lynnhaven Oyster. With the help of Cameron Chalmers (who owned a landscaping company in the area) and his employees, they were focused on their mission. After 3 years of experimenting with up to 200,000 oysters per year in their spare time, the efforts had proved to be successful.


They showed that the Lynnhaven oyster could successfully be grown by means of Aquiculture on the Lynnhaven River. Cliff and Hap, whose wives were unwilling to let them make this a full time job, reluctantly decided to sell the company. Cameron Chalmers, who had managed the crop for the entirety of the company, and wife Courtney were willing buyers.


In January of 2007 Cameron purchased the company from them, and in September of 2007 sold his Landscaping company to concentrate on expanding the oyster company, in order to make it a viable business.


In order to accomplish this, a much larger quantity of oysters had be grown incorporating new farming technology. Growing oysters in cages was the most effective way to grow these bivalves, so we immediately started to build cage after cage. 2007 was when we got our first large supply of seed and we are adding to that in 2008. We currently grow 3 million oysters in Broad Bay, and sell to a distributor as well as local restaurants.